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Crime data so relevant it can shape how your customers go about their day-to-day lives.
  • Instant and accurate crime data
  • Powerful crime maps
  • 50+ cities in the US and around the world
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"CrimeoMeter's crime data is very important part of Hoodline's local news offerings, without it we would not be able to create many important crime trends analysis and stories that users love.  


What they've done is unified all the many disparate police department reports from across the US into a clean unified schema that is regularly updated; it would have taken us years to do it ourselves.


On top of all this the CrimeoMeter team is a joy to work with, they are kind, nimble and responsive." 

- Jason Hwang, Head Of Partnerships at Nextdoor





“My team and I have been using the CrimeoMeter API extensively as we build our app to help college students find safer routes to walk, and it has been extremely helpful to us. 

With CrimeoMeter, we were able to display crimes on an interactive map within a set tolerance of a route the user might take. We used data from CrimeoMeter to create markers on the map in the locations of the relevant crimes that displayed crime details when clicked, and for an algorithm that will use crime data to give each route a "safety" rating. 


The CrimeoMeter API has been very easy to use and has given us valuable information. My team's experience with CrimeoMeter has been highly positive. On behalf of my team, thank you for making this possible. We are thankful to have had use of CrimeoMeter API as it has greatly helped our progress.”

Students team from Pomona College, California

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