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The Most Accurate Crime Data API In The World

Get instant worldwide crime data around the areas you care about.

Crime Data API

Crime Data API Definition

The CrimeoMeter Crime Data API lets you request crime information including crime incidents for a specific location (Disclaimer). The Crime Data API provides different access points to query.

You can test calling CrimeoMeter Crime Data API without code using the platform (click on the button below):


This is a request example of the Crime Data API access point to get crime incidents for a specific location:{latitude}&lon={longitude}&datetime_ini={datetime_ini}&datetime_end={datetime_end}&distance={distance}


  • Content-Type: application/json

  • x-api-key: (Request your private api-key via the "Contact Us" form).

Output result:

    "total_incidents": 2,
    "total_pages": 1,
    "incidents": [

            "city_key": "AUS",
            "incident_code": "20191010131",
            "incident_date": "2019-04-11T01:40:00.000Z",
            "incident_type": "Alcohol-related offense",
            "incident_official_type": "DWI",
            "incident_source_name": "Austin_Police_Department_Crime_Reports",
            "incident_description": "DWI at 816 LAVACA ST",
            "incident_latitude": 30.27146322,
            "incident_longitude": -97.74426176,
            "incident_address": "816 LAVACA ST"
          "city_key": "AUS",
            "incident_code": "20183640046",
            "incident_date": "2018-12-30T02:48:00.000Z",
            "incident_type": "Alcohol-related offense",
            "incident_official_type": "DWI",
            "incident_source_name": "Austin_Police_Department_Crime_Reports",
            "incident_description": "DWI at W 9TH ST / LAVACA ST",
            "incident_latitude": 30.27154076,
            "incident_longitude": -97.74415195,
            "incident_address": "W 9TH ST / LAVACA ST"

Crime Data API Coverage

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