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Crime Data API Definition

The Crime Data API lets you request Crime data information including raw crime data, safety quality indexes (SQI), statistics and safety recommendations for a specific location. The API provides access points that let you query our crime data.

This is a request example of current raw crime data access point for a specific location:{latitude}&lon={longitude}&datetime_ini={datetime_ini}&datetime_end={datetime_end}&distance={distance}


  • Content-Type: application/json

  • x-api-key: Provided access api-key or limited public evaluation api-key (k3RAzKN1Ag14xTPlculT39RZb38LGgsG8n27ZycG).

Output result:

    "total_incidents": 2,
    "total_pages": 1,
    "incidents": [

            "city_key": "AUS",
            "incident_code": "20191010131",
            "incident_date": "2019-04-11T01:40:00.000Z",
            "incident_type": "Alcohol-related offense",
            "incident_official_type": "DWI",
            "incident_source_name": "Austin_Police_Department_Crime_Reports",
            "incident_description": "DWI at 816 LAVACA ST",
            "incident_latitude": 30.27146322,
            "incident_longitude": -97.74426176,
            "incident_address": "816 LAVACA ST"
          "city_key": "AUS",
            "incident_code": "20183640046",
            "incident_date": "2018-12-30T02:48:00.000Z",
            "incident_type": "Alcohol-related offense",
            "incident_official_type": "DWI",
            "incident_source_name": "Austin_Police_Department_Crime_Reports",
            "incident_description": "DWI at W 9TH ST / LAVACA ST",
            "incident_latitude": 30.27154076,
            "incident_longitude": -97.74415195,
            "incident_address": "W 9TH ST / LAVACA ST"