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The World’s 1st Crime Map API

Track crime like never before. Enrich your maps with our real-time crime maps overlays.


Crime Incidents map and Crime Riskmap

CrimeoMeter generates crime incidents maps and crime riskmaps overlays available through an API. The CrimeoMeter crime maps overlays are displayed on top of a base map (such as Google Maps or Mapbox).

If you currently don't have your own map, CrimeoMeter also can provide a full Embeddable Crime Map.

Crime risk for our Crime Riskmap is calculated as CSI (CrimeoMeter Safety index) as follows:

1- Crimes types are grouped (violent crimes and property crimes)

2- The total number of these crimes is calculated in each area normalized per 1000 population.


Note: Nationwide average for the US is 65 crime incidents per 1,000 population.

3- The result is then normalized in a 0-100 scale (0 is lowest and 100 is highest crime risk) for CSI (CrimeoMeter Safety index).


Note: Considering US nationwide average, if the result in previous step is 130+ crime incidents per 1,000 population, CSI will be 100.

Visualization Examples:

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