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Houston crime trending up: What's the latest in the trend? - May ‘22

The number of crime incidents in Houston saw an overall increase last month, after a previous decrease, according to data from CrimeoMeter. Incidents increased to 14,339 for Apr-2022 up from 12,641 for Mar-2022 (+13.4% change).

The offenses that increased the most were robbery and simple assault. Simple assault increased to 1,547 incidents last month, from 1,183 the month before (+30.8% change). Robbery went from 338 to 427 (+26.3% change).

There was also an increase in burglary, from 712 incidents to 845 (+18.7% change), and in tefht from motor vehicle, from 1,330 to 1,540 incidents (+15.8% change).

To report a crime in progress or life-threatening emergency, call 911. To report a non-urgent crime or complaint, contact your local police department.

Contact CrimeoMeter to get crime data and crime maps for your area.



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